44,5%, HHD
2010,Cognac HHD since August 2019 Single cak whisky
2008, Jamaican Rum Brl since March 2019
1991,Oloroso Sherry cask since 2015, closed distillery
2010, Madeira - since Dec 2017
1 Bourbon HHD + 2 Madeira HHD
bottled for the Milan shop,distilled 2006,HHD Bourbon
Bourbon, Sherry & Madeira HHD
Sherry butt/ bourbon firkins
Bourbon HHDs
58,8%, Oloroso Sherry since 2017
3 PX HHD + 2 Bourbon Barrel
Bourbon HHD 1x Ruby Port (since 2019)cask
bottled for the Berlin shop

2017‐2022 F&M Liqueurs OG

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