2009, Ruby port - since March 2020
2003, Barrel
2009,Red Wine Cask since 2019 ,Single Cask whisky
2010,Cognac HHD since August 2019 Single cak whisky
2008, Jamaican Rum Brl since March 2019
2010, Madeira - since Dec 2017
2007.,Barrel ,Single Cask Green Label Rum from Jamaica
2007,62%,Oloroso sherry hogshead since 2019,single cask whisky
2011, Refill Sherry
50% Bourbon 25% Manzanilla Sherry 25% Oloroso sherry casks
bottled for the Baden(Switzerland) shop,distilled 2007 ,HHD Palo Cortado - since 2019
Bourbon HHD 1x Ruby Port (since 2019)cask
Bourbon HHDs ,peated, World whisky
bottled for the Berlin shop
1999,Barrel ,Single Cask,closed distillery
Bottled for the Vienna shop,distilled 1991,HHD Oloroso sherry since March 2020
2013, Tawny port - since 2018

2017‐2022 F&M Liqueurs OG

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